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We Built Our Platform
for Publishers

We get it—publishers deserve superior service, simplified operations and soaring revenue for their valuable inventory. That’s why publishers partner with 1Digital to manage their programmatic supply. Our team provides publishers with the ultimate insight, control and demand to maximize video, mobile and display revenue in a smarter and powerful advertising platform.

Powerful Tech. Superior Service. Happier Publishers.

Supply Side Platform

Engineering Publisher Performance

We have a powerful platform that enables publishers to optimize, merchandize and monetize their inventory through the power of big data and a dynamic competition engine. We also equip our publishers with the latest ad units to expand their video and mobile inventory, and take advantage high CPMs.

Demand and Monetization

Bringing the Best Buyers to the Programmatic Party

You bring the supply and we’ll take care of demand. Publishers gain access to hundreds of the most active programmatic buyers when they integrate with one of the largest and fastest growing advertising marketplaces. Agencies, media trading desks, DSPs and network buyers all compete to fill publisher inventory at high rates. Publishers now have a partner that simplifies ad operations, consolidates reporting and drives revenue across all screens and formats.

Fraud and Viewability Reporting

Quality Supply Meets Quality Demand

Through 1Digital’s traffic quality and viewability reporting, publishers can grow their most valuable inventory and improve the value of their supply. Knowledge is power—and prosperity. Not all inventory is created equal. Using the power of programmatic media buying and the safety of direct connections, our video, mobile and display marketplaces give you access to high-quality demand partners with unparalleled control and transparency.

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